Business Development

– Germany (Internship)

To expand our operational effectiveness in the German market, we require a study into the business, marketing and competitive circumstances in this region.
Studies: We are looking for a Business School student with either marketing, media or communication education.
Gaming Interest: An interest in playing games is appreciated especially mobile games.
Languages: The student should be a German native speaker and have excellent English proficiency
Work Profile: A well-organized and goal-oriented person with good time management

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Operations Manager


To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations and further improve customer satisfaction and engagement, we require additional support for our country managers.
Coordinate: Coordinating with country managers on the design of new in-game activities as well as activities on various social platforms.
Be Creative: Writing creative announcements to encourage customers to partake in multiple events.
Test and Improve: Daily testing of the games to check for game bugs and improve product understanding
Business Intelligence: Gathering internal feedback on activities and customer preferences.

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