We have released a new game: Bash Your Lord!

buy provigil canada pharmacy Bash Your Lord is a turn-based strategy card game that will take you through the unbelievable stories of Zodiac Land!

Inspired by the award-winning board game “Bang!”, Bash Your Lord contains several game modes including a crazy Adventure mode, a real-time PVP Arena and several other modes with their own unique ruleset. Thanks to its dynamic gameplay, an average match in Bash Your Lord takes about 5 minutes while offering a great variety of options because of its comprehensive “rage” mechanism. The game also includes over 30 different characters, each of them having special abilities and their very own personality and backstory for you to discover and love!

motilium buy online uk In Bash Your Lord, everyone play with the same cards, which means you won’t have to buy new cards to win, but instead you’ll need a good strategic sense (and a bit of luck) to win! Bash Your Lord is currently available on iOS (Download here), and don’t forget to like our Facebook page. You can also send us any question or feedback about the game there!

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