TFJoy Weekly Updates – 27/6/2016


Starting from the 27/06/2016, TFJoy will deliver weekly updates about our games.

Mighty Warriors

We are glad to announce that Mighty Warriors will be updated soon 🙂

We’ve already submitted the new update to the App Store and Google Play and we’re currently waiting for approval from both sides. Keep an eye on for more information about the update.

For our Brazilian players: Having received several requests, we are currently in the midst of translating our game to Portuguese. There’s quite some text in the game, so we’re not sure yet when we can update our game with a Portuguese language pack but do know that we’ve started working on it.

For all of our Warriors: we are currently testing some new characters which we will be happy to announce soon.

Haypi Monster: Lost Tower

We are really excited to commemorate the second anniversary of our German version of Haypi Monster: Lost Tower. To celebrate this we will have both Login and Loyalty rewards for players to enjoy.

Bash Your Lord

We’ve spent the past couple of weeks building and testing the Android version of Bash Your Lord. We’re currently doing our final round of testing so we expect to release Bash Your Lord on Android pretty soon.

Arcade Lab

We’re currently working on a new game for our Arcade Lab titled. Hard Dust: Chronicles of the Renegade Merchant .

Hard Dust: Chronicles of a Renegade Merchant is a fun and challenging experience which leads you through a dry and dangerous post-apocalyptic world, without using any weapons or armors other than the sharp and skills of a smart business man to manage, survive and master the wasteland in hope for a better future after all.

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