TFJoy Weekly Updates – 25/7/2016

Mighty Warriors

click We are glad to announce that Mighty Warriors was updated today 🙂

With some great new content including three new characters which already have some slogans within the office:
– Hideyoshi is here to rule all!
– Seimei and his fox will surprise you!
– King Shawn: be ready to face Gods!


The new chapter (Chapter 18) will have a great prize in the end, so players should start playing harder to get it! And please do not spoil for the others.

Also we implemented a Awakening system which will be limited to five characters for now:
– Teresa
– Storm
– Crimson
– Relly
– Soul Frezeer
All of these can become impressively powerful with the Awakening system.


And for some people which thought they reached the maximum level, we have good news, you can level up until level 90 and your heroes can reach orange + 4!

Also we have fixed some minor bugs and had some easter eggs for you guys to explore.

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