TFJoy Weekly Updates – 11/7/2016

Mighty Warriors

Hello Warriors,
We have some exciting special packages which will be released by the end of this week.
Also, there is a new event starting from tomorrow, the 12/07/2016, and a special mode from the past.

Our new heroes are being heavily tested and the Portuguese language version will start being implemented next Wednesday.

Bash Your Lord

Hello Lords,
The bug which was not allowing users to make in-app purchases is fixed.

Arcade Lab

We are so happy with the development of our new game Hard Dust: Chronicles of the Renegade Merchant, fortunately we fixed the most game changing bugs last week and now we are trying to find the most detailed issues.

Bonus (Office News):

We already mentioned in other posts we are playing Pokemon Go, we consider a great concept, and most of us are Pokemon hardcore fans.

Today, at lunch time, we went for a Pokemon walk and we used three Lure Modules (Attracts Pokemons to a certain Pokestop).



A few minutes after there was a gathering of Pokemon Masters which also wanted a little piece of that Lore Modules, and we ended up just having a great time with all of them. Unfortunately, just one was part of our team (#teaminstinct).



And yes someone tried to catch a goat, but her level was to high.