Minimon – Adventures of Minions is now available for iOS!

This is a RPG featuring one-eyed monsters from another galaxy, who must go against a prophecy to save their world. Immerse yourself in this fantastic adventure, together with our main character Enkobo and many more Minimons, and begin your journey to the darkest places in the Minimon World.

zocor 50mg 4mg cheap date lyrics This adventure includes several features that will always keep you entertained. Its strategic battle system lets you awaken your Minimons to increase their power in the battlefield. Furthermore, each Minimon has a different role, abilities and can combo with other Minimons to increase each other’s power. Your strategy will greatly influence the results you achieve in each battle!

Thanks to our guild system, you can discuss your strategies in the guild chat and defeat legendary Minimons. This feature allows you and your guildies to collect buffs and raid the Outlands.

Our VIP system works differently than in most games. Your VIP status will level up depending on the amount of diamonds you spend, not on the amount of diamonds you buy. This means that the more diamonds you use in the game, the higher your VIP status will be, regardless of whether you got your diamonds through in-game activities or in-app purchases.

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